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September 2002

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Top Guns (part 1)

the 20 most influential people in CRM in the past year

Top Guns (part 2)

Battle for Dominance

The enterprise CRM suite landscape is changing, led largerly by efforts in integration.

Mid-Market Mayhem

The mid-market is CRM's new land of opportunity--and a heated vendor battleground.

Leading the Niches

Analytics, PRM, and call centers all have notable vendors that support them. But classic CRM vendors are powerhouses in these markets as well.

Right On!

Stellar CRM is possible. Here are the stories of five outstanding implementations to prove it.

Front Office

Leaders of the CRM Pack

Reality Check

Will We Ever Learn?

Attempts to link CRM to September 11 show a terrifying lack of understanding of how and why CRM works.

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