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May 2002

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Growing Pains

Marketing automation presents new challenges to vendors and marketers alike.

Microsoft CRM: Friend or Foe?

The software titan has dominated nearly every market it has entered. Will CRM be any different?

What a Deal

QVC's homegrown CRM has saved the shopping channel $2.5 million.

Front Office

Gang War in the New CRM Promised Land

Reality Check

Advertising Claims to the Contrary...

The CRM software field is expanding, not contracting.


Banking on CRM

How GreenPoint's call center achieved a 300 percent ROI.

CRM In Action

How are Hammacher Schlemmer, Nordea Bank, Bigchalk.com and Fifth Third Bank addressing CRM?

Cutting Call Center Costs

Why one call center operator is pitching its customers on another vendor's offering.

Growth Target

Dow Chemical is using CRM to reach $60 billion in sales.

Marketers Get Serious

Looking for ways to measure ROI, executives turn to contextual marketing.

Profits on Call

Lance Manning puts high costs on hold.

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