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March 2001

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Where does CRM fall on the org chart in most organizations? At my company it is part of the IT department. Is this the norm or is CRM more prevalent as a re-engineered sales group or even part of operations? Where does CRM fit in for the long term?

Complex business-to-business relationships put a whole new level of demands on your customer service organization.

Clients, Customers and Buyers

Telling them apart can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Show and Tell

Collaborative Web browsing gives customers much-needed human interaction in a point-and-click world.

Survey Says

New web-based technologies give companies speedy ways of understanding their customers' buying habits.

Tax Relief

H&R Block uses CRM to overhaul its business processes.

Reality Check

History Repeats Itself

To move forward, often we must look back. Here's a look back, CRM-style.


Add Campaign

Marketswitch uses the power of mathematical analytics to determine the most profitable marketing campaign strategies.


Pragmatech software's products take the pain out of the request for proposal process.

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