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November 2000

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Around the World In...Seconds

International CRM systems girdle the globe, streamlining communication with customers.

A Little Help From My Friends

Internet commerce demands a high level of real-time customer service. Today's desk systems can, well, help.

All the Way to the Bank

West Virginia bank relies on CRM software to reinvent itself.

E-Mail Marketing Gives Ski Resort a Lift

An ASP solution builds business for a California resort by keeping snow-seekers up to date on where to find the white stuff.

Managing Call Volume

Predicting and accommodating fluctuations in those ringy-dingies continues to challenge call center managers.

MotherNature.com Grows its Business

Marketsoft's eOffers helps dot coms market smarter.

The Online Land Grab

Vertical industries ignore traditional rivalries and rush to establish online markets.

Share and Share Alike

Linux at Last

Reality Check

Brain Food

Five research reports that will help you make more intelligent CRM decisions.

Scorched Earth Selling

You ought to expect the same kind of customer-centric selling from your software supplier that you hope to provide to your own market.


Bring It, Don't Build It

Upshot.com brings the power of a custom sales management solution to any business.

Help Yourself

Web+center's suite of support applications makes it easy for organizations to help their customers and themselves.

Route Right

With a new e-commerce edition, Rockwell's transcend call routing application takes customer contact higher.

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