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January 2001

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The Right Staff

As technology evolves and customers' expectations rise, competitive companies invest in a smarter, more versatile--and more demanding--breed of call center agent.

Profiling the Chief Customer Officer

Is the chief customer officer a meaningful addition to the widening CXO pantheon, or just a flavor-of-the-moment corporate deity?

The Human Touch

In the sales arena, the Internet is stealing the show. So what's a direct sales force to do?

Turning Call Centers into Interaction Centers

Adding interactive technologies to your call center will improve customer service, build loyalty and powerfully coordinate your customer service resources.

The ASP Solution: Stop! Thief!

Are you comfortable turning over your customer information to strangers?

Reality Check

The Consulting Trap

Is the potential high cost of using consultants worth it?


Build-it-yourself CRM

YOUcentric's "adapt-to-order" relationship management application puts you in the developer's seat.

Smart Service

The eService Suite helps organizations meet the challenges of customer service in the Internet age.

Step Up

Frontstep CRM brings the power of the Internet to customer relationship management.

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