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June 2000

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Call Center Dividends

The electronic banking trend offers many conveniences, but also presents customer satisfaction and retention challenges. As banks are getting more wired, the call center is becoming a crucial component for banking industry success.

Valuing Customers

To maintain customer loyalty in an impersonal age, banks are turning to CRM technology

Giving Online Customers More

a web-based health and wellness e-tailer recognizes that great customer service is part of the prescription for success.

Profits Soar When Airlines Listen

Airlines can focus on revenue-generating interactions by using speech-recognition technology to handle nonpurchase questions.

Remote Control: Reducing the Risk of Outsourcing

Outsourcing call center services can save you money and meet quickly expanding needs--but you need to be sure that outsourced processes are aligned with organizational priorities.

Syncing In

Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your sales force training.

Technically Speaking

Lockheed Martin's help desk takes control of customer relationships.

The Presenter's Toolkit

New lighter, faster, technology makes it easier than ever to take your presentation show on the road.

Reality Check

Profiling a Chief Customer Officer

The emerging position of chief customer officer places a new focus on putting the customer first.


Making It Personal

MediaOne sales reps and service agents use E.piphany solution to offer products and services to callers.

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