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December 2002

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Slam Dunk

Atique Shah, vice president of CRM/marketing technology for GSI Commerce Inc., has a keen eye uncovering for effective CRM strategies. That talent has helped both the NBA and GSI embrace and profit from CRM.

365 Days of CRM

A review of CRM news and trends from 2002.

Partners Are Customers, Too

To improve relationships with and increase profits from the channel companies must treat those partners as well as they would their customers.

Hitting the Books

Universities and grade schools are increasing adopting CRM to communicate with their constituents, and to attract and retain better students.

Front Office

CRM Brings Holiday Cheer

Reality Check

Partner Pen, Not Poison Pen

The facts of CRM life dictate that to succeed we must all get along.


Communication Translates to Profits

Using CRM, Bernina speaks the language of both dealers and customers.

From Excel to ASP to In-house

ProLink goes the distance with CRM.

Advice From the Trenches: DirecTV

How DirecTV's knowledge base helps its geographically diverse call center agents dish out current information, consistently.

Partner Portals Pay Off

Golf USA uses portals to build relationships with and sales for franchisees.

CRM in Action: Avoiding Cross-Sell Snafus

Osborne Clarke breaks down its information silos.

CRM in Action: Contact Centers

Time Warner Desert Cities combats churn.

Secret of My Success

The Road to Success Is Paved With Determination--And a Bit of Tweaking

Jess Hartman, CIO and vice president of New Horizons, tells how the training company used training, of course--and the creative integration of SFA and CRM--to make its CRM initiative a success.

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