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July 2002

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The Truth About CRM Success & Failure

CRM implementations are not as disappointing as research firms claim.

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

Single-view. Real-time. Predictive. The variety of analytics applications can be overwhelming. Here are the key trends in analytics to help sort through the clutter.

Second Generation Definition of 360-Degree View

In the new book The Relational Enterprise: Moving Beyond CRM to Maximize All Your Business Relationships author Kenneth Carlton Cooper extends the 360-degree view to all the components of a company's universe. What follows is an excerpt of chapter 7.

Predicting the Future

Future Electronics doesn't need a crystal ball to know that CRM will give the company the edge it needs to gain a competitive advantage.

Front Office

Measuring Success and Failure

Reality Check

Running Out of Gas?

As more customers embrace a new generation of CRM applications, some old standbys face uncertain futures.


Can You Have Your CRM Cake and Eat It, Too?

Most companies measure ROI on either cost savings or on revenue growth, but rarely on both.

Going to the Show

Compaq integrates event-marketing management for strategic CRM success.

Planning for Success

The best way to ensure return on investment is to prepare for it.

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