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October 2016

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Are Contact Center Metrics Becoming Passé?

New metrics need to take on a more customer-centered approach

The Rise of the Sharing Economy

Although the term itself might be vague, the fundamental principles of the disruptive business model are here to stay

Create an Addictive Mobile Application

Today's short-attention-spanned mobile users are likely to abandon a mobile app, but there are ways to keep them hooked

Front Office

Vying for Customer Trust Has Reshaped Business Relationships

Trust in business grew from 48 percent in 2015 to 53 percent in 2016

Reality Check

Is Government CRM’s Next Big Market?

Lawmakers need help understanding and communicating with their customers (i.e., constituents)

The Tipping Point

3 Ways Sales Leaders Can Help Reps Hit Their Numbers

Managers need to take a step back to move the sales force forward


Software Ecosystems Are Becoming Critical Business Infrastructure

To deliver great customer experiences and outcomes, vendors have to band together

Pint of View

Customers Versus KPIs

Remember what's more important to a business

Customer Experience

‘Data On-Boarding’ Can Make Customer Profiles Whole Again

A new technology links customers' online and offline data, giving you a single, comprehensive view

Small Biz Buzz

Why Isn’t CRM Adoption Higher? CRM Vendor Execs Weigh In

An informal survey reveals what vendors, and SMBs, need to do better


Ad Blocking War Heats Up

Education, not technology, could be the key to letting ads get through

Digital Assistants Gain Enterprise Acceptance

Business use of virtual digital assistants, virtual agents, and chatbots is on the rise

Insights-Driven Businesses Succeed in the Digital Age

Companies that capitalize on data will see the biggest revenue boosts

Mobile Disruption Alters VoC Programs

Temkin research uncovers five Cs for mobile voice-of-the-customer initiatives

Required Reading: We Need to Start Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship Management

Companies must move from transactional customer relationships to holistic ones


Advocate Uses Hootsuite to Maintain a Healthy Social Presence

Hootsuite is helping Advocate Health Care manage 35 separate social media accounts

Indochino Tailors Customer Experiences with Qubit

The online-first suitmaker is building an in-store customer base, and cementing new locations, using the Visitor Cloud

Opternative Sees a Brighter Future for Its Customers with Desk.com

The digital eye-care provider decreases response times, builds efficiency, and strengthens customer service

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