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September 2016

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Email Marketing Best Practices

It's a fast-paced, mobile-first world, and marketers need to deliver something of value to customers and prospects

Security in the Internet of Things Era

The benefits of connected product ecosystems are numerous, but companies will have to take considerable precautions to gain customer trust

Citizen Relationship Management Requires a Different CRM

Government can't do what businesses do, but citizens still expect the same kind of customer service

Front Office

Should You Create a Customer Journey Map?

Customer journey maps can help organizations understand customers' motivations, feelings, questions, and expectations at any given customer touch point.

Reality Check

When, If Ever, Will Social Selling Really Sizzle?

The potential is there, but sales reps need more than just technology

Scouting Report

Workforce Optimization Is Poised for Big Changes

The cloud, integrated suites, and Big Data are transforming the market, and vendors must adapt

Pint of View

Keeping ’Em on the Team

Customer loyalty in sports is harder than it seems

Customer Experience

Content Marketing Must Support Customer Experience

Customers need content on all stages of the journey with your brand

Voice of the Customer

CX Pros and CEOs Must See Eye to Eye

When everyone shares the same perspective on customer experience, customers—and the business—win


Artificial Intelligence Gains Interest in E-Commerce

Pinterest and eBay have invested in AI to improve shopping experiences

Content Marketing Must Adapt to Be Relevant

Users want tools that are more versatile and support more platforms and file formats

Goodbye to Twitter’s Buy Button

Other customer service features are on the way from the social media giant

Required Reading: Becoming The Analytical Marketer

Interacting with data needs to be top-of-mind for today's marketing pro

Social Selling Tops Sales Best Practices

Top sales performers have tools in place to establish relationships with customers


ALKU Technologies Recruits Sales with Bullhorn CRM

A staffing agency boosts growth—and customer satisfaction—with the CRM vendor's reporting and tracking tools

Hired Makes a Smart Hire with Freshdesk

The online job site sees big service gains from the vendor's customer support system

Lenovo Attracts More Video Watchers—and Learns More About Them—with Vidyard

A new marketing solution helps the technology maker track video performance

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