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May 2016

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How to Succeed in Real-Time Marketing

Connecting with customers at critical moments in the buying process is becoming the new imperative

Tips to Balancing Contact Center Automation Costs and Quality

Caution and customer centricity should guide technology decisions

11 Ways to Make Sales Training Stick

How to ensure that your organization sees tangible, ongoing payoffs from its coaching initiatives

Front Office

Avoid Customer Engagement Disasters and Automate with Care

Organizations must figure out a way to leverage automation to cut support costs and improve customer experiences

Reality Check

Outstanding Customer Experience Is Still Your Top Service Goal

It ranks ahead of cutting costs or adding new technology

The Tipping Point

Most People Prefer Human Interactions in Customer Service

Consumers want a blend of channels, and not just the digital ones


Give Your CRM a Platform

The next generation of CRM will harness cloud computing and PaaS technologies

Pint of View

Marketing Is Magic!

How else do you make something out of nothing?

Customer Experience

Don’t Let Volatile Markets Block CX Investment

Delivering a great experience is always the right move

Voice of the Customer

How to Sell Customer Experience to a Tough Crowd: Your Colleagues

With CX initiatives, you have to tangibly prove value


Boost Slumping Sales With Video

Sales organizations can gain an edge on competitors by supplementing email and phone calls with video presentations

Required Reading: The Big Deal About Small Data [Video Interview]

Companies need to take a more intimate look into the lives of their customers

Stimulate Lead Volume by at Least 10 Percent with Click-to-Call

Mobile search advertising with click-to-call is key for digital marketing

Ways to Amplify Your Social Media ROI

Organizations must link social media marketing to larger business objectives


8th Light’s Future Looks Bright with PipelineDeals

The software consultancy can store and share account data and plan projects using the intuitive platform

Pinterest Sees a Direct Lift with Directly

The social site can now hand over support tickets to its online community

Ritani Crafts Finer Customer Service with NewVoiceMedia

The luxury jewelry maker's new solution helps the contact center double as a ‘sales center'

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