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November 2015

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How Amazon and Salesforce.com Are Shaping Mobile Customer Support

Video chat apps such as Amazon's Mayday Button and Salesforce.com's Service SOS lead a new breed of mobile customer service apps

Mobile-First Strategies Take Hold in Emerging Markets

Improving technologies and economies enable marketers to connect with hard-to-reach consumers

Third-Party Power: The Rise of the B2B App Store

How software development partners are shaping the future of CRM

Front Office

Let Empathy Toward Customers Guide You

An empathetic employee will listen to customers, understand their needs, and be motivated to provide them with the right solution

Reality Check

It's Time for a Customer Service Revolution

Creating a frictionless customer experience will require a service rethink—and a companywide effort

The Tipping Point

Putting Purpose into Practice

Transform your contact center into a purpose-led powerhouse

Scouting Report

Speech Analytics Is Important to Your Future

Analyzing what your customers say to agents can have huge operational benefits across an enterprise

Pint of View

Blinded With (Data) Science

Number crunching relies on humans who chew well

Customer Experience

The Transforming Power of Positive Psychology

Tap into this new discipline for sustainable change

Voice of the Customer

CX Pros Can Make Their Mark

Big challenges—and big opportunities—lay ahead for customer experience professionals


Brands Must Be Loyal to Loyalty Members

Rewards need to be more personalized and tailored to individual program members

Contact Center Outsourcing's Rising Costs

Calls to overseas contact centers take much more time

Embrace Formal Sales Coaching

For sales leaders, guidelines are not always the preferred method, but they can have a big impact on the bottom line

On the Scene: At Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce.com Strengthens Ties with Microsoft

The two software giants plan to deliver even deeper integrations in 2016

On the Scene—Gartner's Customer 360: Let the Customer Be Your Guide

Customers can steer companies toward improvement but must be given the opportunity

Required Reading: Selling to Influencers

In today's complex B2B selling environment, businesses need to find allies in their customers' organizations


Kaybus Puts Knowledge at PlusOne's Fingertips

The contact center operator's agents benefit from up-to-date info

LuckyFish Hooks "Hi-Def" Customer Segments with Optimove

Facebook Audience micro-segments let the gaming company boost retention rates

Vern Fonk Drives Sales Success with Conversica’s AI

The Seattle-based insurance firm converts more Internet leads with an automated email solution

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