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September 2015

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Enterprises Move from Passive to Active Social Media Strategies

Rather than just respond to irate tweets, corporations use social media interactions ?to drive change in business processes

When Customer Experience Is the Ticket

What can companies learn from organizations that sell experiences rather than services or products?

Integrate CRM and ERP for Better Intelligence

Businesses benefit when information flows freely between systems

Front Office

4 Ways to Maximize CRM Data

If your organization is not regularly revisiting how it captures, tracks, and manages data, even good data can turn into garbage very quickly

Reality Check

Make Sure Your CRM Is Well Informed

Sales reps won't adopt your software if they don't trust its data

The Tipping Point

Is Your CRM System Aligned with Your Entire Business?

For peak efficiency, your enterprise solution needs to wear many hats

Scouting Report

The Outlook for WFO: Optimal

The workforce optimization market stays strong, and better analytics and back-office features could make it stronger

Pint of View

No Sale

Can we saw off the third leg of the CRM tripod?

Customer Experience

Demystifying Customer Experience Quality

To deliver a better experience, you have to understand what "quality" means for your customers


Brands Must Improve Customer Experience in E-Commerce

Customers expect excellent experiences, even during transactions

Business Schools Suggest New Loyalty Metrics

Marketing experts create a five-part model to measure customer commitment

Contact Centers Continue Cloud Migration

ContactBabel sees huge growth in hosted customer support

It Takes More than Coupons to Settle Complaints

Consumers want more than compensation when things go wrong

Pinterest and Instagram Offer Buy Buttons

Making visual social media sites "shoppable" has its pluses, but companies should be prepared to handle customer expectations

Required Reading: Crafting a Customer Service Culture

Organizations should experiment, get creative, and above all know their customer


EBay Finds a NICE Way to Save

NICE Systems' Interaction Analytics helps eBay Enterprise dramatically cut average handling times

Hybris Baits the E-Commerce Hook for Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters

A camping goods retailer creates a more personalized Web site using hybris's B2C Commerce

Sneaker Shop Targets Trendsetters with Personalization

Villa uses Reflektion's 1 to 1 Personalization platform to help apparel customers find the right look

The Next Step

Marketing Automation: Fueling CRM Success

Integrating marketing tools with CRM keeps everyone in the loop

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