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July 2015

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Great Customer Experience Starts with the Right Corporate Culture

Engaged employees make for more satisfied customers

The 7 Tenets of Sales Transformation

Tips for bringing your sales organization to the next level

Conversational Computing Strives to Meet the 'Star Trek' Standard

Speech technology, combined with artificial intelligence, will enable people to interact with machines in a natural way

Front Office

Customer Trust Continues its Slide

To improve customer trust, start with measures to protect it.

Reality Check

Every Journey Starts with a Map

Modeling the end-to-end process can help avoid dead ends

The Tipping Point

In Relationships We Trust

Forge a deeper bond with stakeholders

Scouting Report

Make Choice Your Calling Card

Preference management enables your customers to choose how, and when, to interact

Pint of View

Growing a New Market

Business development for a different kind of cloud

Customer Experience

From the CRM Trenches: A 30-Year Perspective

Technology has changed everything but this: People are still the name of the game

Voice of the Customer

Survey Says: Less Is More

New tools make us less reliant on surveys, but that doesn't mean they have to go away


Death of a (B2B) Salesman?

Contrary to findings, some contend that reports of salespeople's demise are greatly exaggerated

Global Customer Trust Hits a New Low

Companies must put their trust in customers

Required Reading: To Be Truly Customer-Centric, Companies Must Think Round

Emotional connections are key for building long-term customer relationships

Serial Puts Podcasts on Marketers’ Maps

A historically slow-growing channel, the podcast is now turning heads

With Sponsored Content, Know the Rules of the Road

Promoted content can be a great opportunity for brands, but they should make sure the channel's goals align with their own


Grotto Pizza Engages Loyal Customers with Paytronix

A new loyalty platform brings in the dough off-season

New IVR Lets Eatery Group Net More Phone Calls—and Business

DialogTech helps Hogsalt capture $75,000 in additional revenue per month

The Buffalo Bills Tackle Fan Engagement with Adobe

Bills Touch, powered by the Adobe Publishing Suite, allows NFL fans to experience the game in a whole new way

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