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January 2015

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Where Does CRM Go from Here?

We ask the experts where the industry is headed in the new year.

Is Hadoop Worth the Hype?

Despite slow early adoption, the big data behemoth is here to stay.

In Customer Service, It's More Efficient to Be Effective

Rushing customers off the phone might cut costs, but ignores the potential for greater value.

Front Office

Why Effectiveness Trumps Efficiency

'Things that increase the efficiency of sales reps are not valuable today.'

Reality Check

What CRM Automation Doesn't Offer, Process Does

Manage by exception to zero in on buyers' needs.

The Tipping Point

From Purpose to Profit

Activating a purpose galvanizes employees, drives culture, and boosts the bottom line.

Scouting Report

Navigating the Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market

Ease of use is key consideration for potential buyers.

Pint of View

Give Localization Its Due

Mastering this important concept is trickier than you think.

Customer Experience

The Bright Future of the Internet of Things

Today's innovations are only the beginning.

Small Biz Buzz

Don't Drop the Ball on Your Digital Engagement Strategy

Customers' app journeys hold the key to new opportunities.


Should Businesses Review Customers?

Reverse reviews hold customers accountable for their behaviors.

There's an App for That, But Does Anyone Care?

Studies point to a decline in mobile app usage among smartphone owners.

Apple Launches Apple Pay

Many retailers aren't buying into the newest mobile wallet solution.

At Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce.com Delivers Wave Analytics Cloud

Salesforce.com entered the $38 billion analytics market with its sixth cloud platform. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)

As Data-Driven Marketing Gains Traction, Governance and Analytics Present New Challenges

Brands must use data responsibly and strive to deliver highly personalized experiences. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)

Kip Tindell's Uncontainable Secrets for Building a Business

Why Foundation Principles, not rules and policies, are the way to go.


Buffalo Builds Resident Trust with CRM

Kana Software's Lagan Enterprise system revitalizes city services.

WWE and Warner Bros. Pin Down a Winning Mobile Campaign with TreSensa

Interactive game drives engagement—and sales—for the companies' cobranded DVD.

PERQ's Sales Conversions Perk 500 Percent with Salesvue

The marketing company's numbers were not too good to be true.

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