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October 2014

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Should CSRs Be Paid for Performance?

Why companies must assess the effectiveness of tying agent compensation to contact center metrics.

Interactive Video Breathes New Life into Online Advertising

Traditional linear content is out; personalized dynamic content is in.

Mobile Wallet Building Blocks Slowly Take Shape

Emerging technology promises to overhaul the payment process, but first it must overcome myriad technical and logistical obstacles.

Front Office

Are You Correctly Measuring Customer Satisfaction?

Unfortunately, bad customer service stories are more common than we'd like to think.

Reality Check

Look to Spreadsheets to Foretell CRM's Future

An outdated method breeds frustration—and innovation

The Tipping Point

How to Grow Customer Trust

Align actions with purpose to transform your business.


Mastering the Alignment of Sales and Marketing

With today's connected customers, engagement is more vital than ever.

Pint of View

Insuring Fliers Against Travel Snafus

Air travel gets a new wrinkle—annoyance insurance.

Customer Experience

The True Price of Channel Optimization

Why meeting your customers where they prefer is key to your business survival.

Small Biz Buzz

Sales Processes and Tools Must Adapt to Customer Behavior

New consumer expectations call for updating old practices.


Automation Creates More Jobs Than It Eliminates

More than two-thirds of companies that have replaced workers with automation added new positions as a result.

How Mature Is Content Marketing?

Eighty-five percent of B2B marketers can't attribute business value to content activity.

Twitter Updates Its Analytics Offering

Tweet Activity Dashboard helps companies see how posts perform.

CRM Evolution 2014: Modern Marketers Must Focus on Context, Content, and Revenue

Good products are not enough to engage customers in the digital age. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)

CRM Evolution 2014: Customer Engagement Is the Future of CRM

Brands need to revise their digital, mobile, and call center strategies. (Originally appeared on DestinationCRM.com)

Introducing Customer Experience 3.0

The new era of CX must bring sales, marketing, and service closer together.


Medical Alert Puts Five9 on Call

In urgent need of a new contact center system, the emergency monitoring device provider turned to the cloud solution for aid.

Addiktive Games Doubles Conversion Rate with Voxel

The advertising platform's interactive ads engage mobile gamers.

Potters Resort Increases Bookings by 670 Percent with Vee24

Live chat functionality is key to personalizing U.K. resort's service.

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