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January 2014

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Gamification Comes to the Contact Center

Game techniques keep agents happy, engaged, and better equipped to handle interactions.

Marketing in the Wake of a Disaster

Lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy.

Risk-Proof Your CRM System

Focus on the people and the process, not the technology.

Front Office

Is Marketing After a Disaster Exploitative?

Reality Check

Data Drives Metrics

Gain a clear understanding of the state of your sales pipeline

The Tipping Point

Putting Customers Before Politics

COOs struggle to navigate a siloed structure.

Scouting Report

A TCPA Warning for Outbound Dialers

Companies that don't keep up with the latest regulations will pay the price.

Pint of View

Bidding Social CRM a Fond Farewell

A transformative term is being retired. What does it mean to us?

Customer Experience

Integrating Social Media Is a Strategy for Success

Expand your insights with a hub and spoke model.

Small Biz Buzz

Why Customer Experience Is the True King

Content and context play essential supporting roles.


The 8 Traits of Customer-Relevant Companies

Ovum research finds very few customer-adaptive enterprises exist today.

Social Media Leads Content Marketing

Quickly digested forms of content distribution win out over in-depth methods.

DMA13: Marketers Must Carefully Consider Big Data Strategies

Speakers suggest using unstructured data to keep customers' trust and to listen to their needs.

Is There Life After Death for Loyalty Points?

Colloquy report shows varying bequeathing policies for leading airline, hotel, and credit card loyalty programs.

The Key to Delivering Amazing Customer Service

Shep Hyken outlines Ace Hardware's secrets to going beyond 'satisfactory.'


MaintenanceNet Automates Warranty Sales for Schneider Electric

Emailed quotes take the burden off resellers to renew service contracts.

Speech Analytics Is the Right Fit for Nautilus

The home fitness brand increases call center efficiency with CallMiner Eureka.

Pizza Hut Slices Customer Base with Segmentation

Capillary Technologies delivers results through consumer behavior intelligence and targeted time-focused campaigns.

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