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April 2013

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A First Look at Second Screens

As media consumption becomes more fragmented, marketers consider syncing television and mobile content.

Should Your Company Abandon Phone Support?

Why several Silicon Valley-area firms have done just that and are sticking with their decisions.

Sign, Seal, and Deliver with E-Signatures

New technology enables companies to close deals faster and satisfy compliance issues—all while cutting costs.

Front Office

Are We Too Connected?

Despite the highly connected world we live in, some well-known companies are bucking the trend and becoming decidedly more disconnected from their customers.

Reality Check

The Age of Collaboration

Why Mark Zuckerberg is not the father of social networking.

The Tipping Point

A Call for B2C Treatment in a B2B World

Take time to re-examine your business practices.


Evolving Social CRM to Become CRM—Again

Move your CRM implementation to the next generation.

Pint of View

How May I Help You, Buddy?

Warm personalized service can clash with professional detachment.

Customer Experience

The Future Is Now for Data Analytics

Turn data insights into customer excellence.

Small Biz Buzz

Cultivate a New Approach to Business and Customer Engagement

To meet expectations, try being FAIR.


Adoption Problems Plague Digital Wallets

Retailers must overcome security, awareness, and integration issues.

Brands Must Make Emotional Appeals

Companies should strive to be less rational with customers.

Market Focus: Automotive Dealers Go Digital

Auto sellers respond to customers with online options.

Sales Reps Are Falling Short of Their Goals

Short-term strategies and a lack of automation could be culprits.

What's in a Domain Name?

Here's what you need to know about the new Internet landscape.


A View From My Seat Gains Insight, Higher Usage

With Artisan Optimize, an app developer takes advantage of A/B testing and more.

National Nonprofit Engages Social Donors

With the help of EpiServer, the National Down Syndrome Society replatforms its Web presence.

Social Customer Service That Satisfies

Get Satisfaction helps online video broadcast platform provider Ustream benefit from a support community.

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