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February 2013

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Case Management Takes a Dynamic Turn

Progressive contact centers can incorporate adaptability, cross-sell and upsell capabilities, social media integration, gamification, and multiple channels.

Bally Pumps Up Its Image

A twice-bankrupt fitness giant revamps its service efforts.

The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing

Is tapping into the wisdom of crowds right for your organization?

Front Office

The Secret to Building a Healthy Brand

"You cocreate your brand with your customers and the sooner you realize that, the stronger your brand will be."

Reality Check

Surveys Alone Are Not the Answer

Offering great customer service means knowing how to respond.

The Tipping Point

Engaging the Nonstop Customer

Leveraging new consumer dynamics to drive growth.


Insights Matter, the Data Proves It

Look to uplift modeling to predict customer actions.

Pint of View

Nonservice Versus Disservice

There's a difference between doing what you can and doing what you can get away with.

Customer Experience

From High Task to High Touch

Use your CRM technology to exceed expectations and build trust.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Future Customer

New methods for predicting customers' behavior are changing how we listen to them.


Financial Services: Brokers Yearn for Better CRM

Few firms use CRM systems to their full effect.

Harnessing the Power of Pinterest

What marketers should know about the social bookmarking site.

Is Gamification Overhyped?

The majority of near-term gamified processes are expected to fail.

Measuring a Channel's Marketing Value

Marketers look for insights in increasingly complex purchase paths.

Product Placement Goes Interactive

Shoppable videos enable users to buy products shown in films.

Social Pushes the Boundaries of Commerce

Are Amazon and Facebook reprogramming the way companies market and sell?


Air Animal Pet Movers Gives Its Business a Boost

GoldMine helps the pet transport company streamline its operations.

Family Paint Purveyor Stays in the Black

Using SugarCRM, Harper Inc. boosts orders and sales.

On the Right Track

Survey program from Mindshare resonates with convenience store customers.

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