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October 2012

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Oracle Recognizes the Need for Change

Mark Hurd is no stranger to big success. In his five years as president and CEO of HP, he was credited with righting the company's financially struggling ship. Now, starting his third year as president of Oracle, he is steering yet another big ship on a completely new course.

Hurd Makes His Mark

An exclusive interview with Oracle President Mark Hurd.

Oracle's Latest Branding Initiative

Central to its CRM strategy is the company's Customer Experience (CX) Suite.

Front Office

A Look at Oracle's New Direction

The Tipping Point

IVRs Get a Bad Rap

There's no excuse for not investing in these systems.


Customer Experience Finally…and Once Again

This "novel" concept is nothing new at all.

Pint of View

Getting Back in the Game

After a separation, making the next connection is crucial.

Customer Experience

The E-Commerce Effect

This key pillar of social CRM is changing the business landscape.

Small Biz Buzz

The Maturation of the Social SMB

Companies with strategic approaches see the most benefits.


HP Launches a CRM Consulting Service

HP Transformation Services-CEM is designed to help improve operational efficiency in the contact center.

In High Tech, Social CRM Is All the Rage

Technology vendors tap into social media and online communities to let customers serve one another.

More Consumers Turn to Amazon for Product Research

Online leader strengthens its position but still faces roadblocks.

SMBs Leap into Marketing Automation

CMOs are on pace to spent more on IT than CIOs.


Diamond in the Rough Gets Tech Savvy

A jeweler tracks and streamlines email responses with ToutApp.

Harry Rosen Mobilizes Luxury Menswear

Sales associates use Sage SalesLogix Mobile to connect with customers on a more digital level.

IVR Gives This Pharmacy a Healthy Boost

TalkRx keeps a small, family-owned drugstore chain competitive with national rivals.

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