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May 2012

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Game On: Gamification Strategies Motivate Customer and Employee Behaviors

The things that make games so compelling "can equally make employees, partners, [and] customers addicted to your B2B or B2C offering."

Marketing and Advertising Agencies Blur the Lines

Third-party partners are broadening their roles. What to consider for the perfect pairing.

Natural Language Understanding Grows Up

The bar has been raised for technologies that not only hear, but understand too.

Front Office

Going Against the Grain with Gamification and NLU

Reality Check

Giving a Voice to the Contact Center

With their direct access to customers, service departments can offer valuable strategy insights.

The Tipping Point

Knowing Your Customers in the Digital Age

New technologies mean new challenges.

Scouting Report

Making Sense of the Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market

A 2012 buyers' guide.

Pint of View

Train Your Customer Muscle

If business tasks are not as natural as breathing, your business will suffocate.

Customer Experience

The Customer, the Missing CEO, and the Miracle That Will Not Happen

There are no shortcuts to customer strategy.

Voice of the Customer

The Cloud Effect

Don't give customers a reason to jump ship.


CRM Gets More Professional

Service providers respond to changing market conditions with greater CRM deployments.

Greater CRM Adoption Predicted

A surge in cloud-based and multichannel customer interaction contributes to the uptick, but obstacles remain.

Sales Enters a Brave New Social World

Three in four companies plan to use social media as an enablement tool within a year.

Service Lessons from the Front Line

John Ragsdale, TSIA's VP of technology research and former analyst, tells all.

There's Value in the Simple Things

Customers not only appreciate simplicity; they'll pay more for it too.

White House Unveils Blueprint for a Privacy Bill of Rights

Proposed legislation is a first step in the process to strengthen online consumer protections.


Hiscox Leaps Into Video

A specialty insurer drives brand awareness through its Web series.

In the Air Instead of on the Line

A natural language-based IVR connects US Airways passengers to better service.

Vermont Gets a Boost in Organ Donor Registrants

Social Life helps state harness the power of social media.

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