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June 2011

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Peer Power

Online communities foster customer loyalty by doing what traditional contact centers cannot

Don’t Forget the “C” in Social CRM

Listening to customers should precede any foray into social media, the former leader of @ComcastCares advises

Socially Graceful CRM?

Why the old rules of etiquette no longer apply

Geolocation: Advertising's Future or 1984 Revisited?

The promise of sending tailored ads to customers' mobile devices is appealing, but privacy issues remain

Geolocation: The Major Players

Front Office

Why Should I Trust People Like Me?

Reality Check

Mobile CRM: The Quiet Explosion

Growth is sparked by the iPad's popularity among businesses and the ability to send actionable insights to sales reps

Customer Centricity

Use Social Media Proactively

Leveraging sites like Facebook and Twitter is critical

The Tipping Point

Social Media’s Advocacy Paradox

Businesses and consumers have different perceptions, according to social CRM study by IBM's Institute for Business Value

Scouting Report

New-Gen WFM Solutions Make a Real Difference

But many contact center offerings require a trade-off between accuracy and ease of use

Pint of View

Thank You For Your Business

Eagerness makes a difference to customers


Radian6 Deal Enables Salesforce.com To Monitor the Social Web

Valued at $326 million, the acquisition brings social media monitoring platform to CRM giant

Radian6 Sees Cloud Computing As Future of Marketing

Overshadowed by news of a deal with Salesforce.com, Radian6 user conference stresses need to engage with customers, not bombard them

Can Mobile Help Clarify Confusion Over Reforms?

New federal laws have "thrown everything up for question"

Required Reading: There's No "I" in Company

Companies need to shift from a "me first" to a "we first" world, author warns

Post While You Shop or Eat

Smartphones allow consumers to share their in-store experiences moments after they happen


Reigniting Fireclay Tile’s Outdated Flame

Transition to Salesforce CRM brings savings, ease of use

Rural Arizona Drives Home Service

Pinal County speeds responses and cuts costs by switching from a hosted to an on-premises contact center suite

Pizza Chain Goes Extreme on Facebook

The San Francisco company partners with eWordofMouth to generate a 99 percent increase in Facebook "likes"

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