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May 2011

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CRM + Predictive Analytics: Why It All Adds Up

The whole exceeds the sum of the parts

Speech Analytics Captures Consumer Sentiment

Technologies blend data from different sources, emotional states, and moments in time

Web Analytics: What’s Worth Paying For?

While some solutions are free, marketers sacrifice time and rich analysis

Front Office

Enter the Age of Analytics

To make the best use of your time and your company's CRM investments, you must measure what you manage.

Reality Check

Three Cheers for Honest CRM Vendors

Dishonest practices that overpromise and underdeliver must be rooted out

Customer Centricity

There’s No Substitute for Experience

A salesperson must make a customer feel as if he must have it

The Tipping Point

The Right Customer Experience Strategy

It varies from "tailored intimacy" to "customer self-service"

Scouting Report

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About WFO

Suites embrace analytics, debunk idea core components are commodities

Pint of View

The Winter of Our Dis-Content

Trying on some bold "new" social media strategies in CRM


Will Paperless Payments Take Off Among Customers?

Pitney Bowes and others reveal digital delivery service applications

Socially Challenged

CRM outsourcers still grapple with social media strategies

Can Mobile Apps Save Customer Loyalty Programs?

Most consumers are not active users, study shows, but easing access may spur participation

Social CRM Software Spending Expected to Hit a Milestone

Expenditures will exceed $1 billion worldwide by 2013

Higher Education Increases Marketing

Schools shift focus to generate more inquiries in-house and boost technology investments

Required Reading: Ruling the Roost with Relevance

Being the preferred brand is not enough in the face of quickly shifting market dynamics


IVR Is Good News for Scripps

Media company leverages Pronexus system to standardize subscription services for 14 newspapers

Software Company Takes Hard Look at Phone Automation

FundNET installs Ifbyphone to redefine call-in support for financial services clients

The Suite Life Cements Customer Service

CRM director Ven Bontha describes Cemex's transition to SAP CRM

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