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November/December 2010

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No Longer The Text-Best Thing

Text messages remain a big part of any mobile campaign, but these days a multichannel approach is what really connects

Changing the Mobile Channel

Mobile service is finally catching on with consumers of all ages—but not everyone is embracing the same methods

Anywhere Is Everywhere

After years of unfulfilled promise, CRM and mobile technology are finally making a move.

Front Office

Mobile Sales Are Going North

Reality Check

CRM’s Most Underutilized Feature

The industry needs to overcompensate for its tragic misuse of compensation management.

Customer Centricity

New Tools and Old Mistakes

Contact centers risk wasting powerful technology on the automation of imperfect processes

The Tipping Point

Analyzing the New Customer

Customer analytics are emerging as a competitive advantage.

Scouting Report

Speaking of Solid Payback

Optimizing your interactive voice response system may require only a small investment

Separating Fact From Fiction

Pint of View

Find the Story in Your Data Storage

Don't just store your customer data—use it


Google’s Instant Ingratification

What Google Instant means for the future of search engine optimization

Schools and Social Media: Pass or Flail

The lessons universities are learning about emerging technologies

Sifting Through the Rubble

Oracle's massive annual gathering garners a lot of press—both good and bad

The Rise of the Empowered-Employee Empire

The coauthors of Empowered underscore a new-found source of corporate strength.


Locking Up Data To Unlock Leads

Astadia and Salesforce CRM help a data-hosting firm increase annual revenue by 200 percent to 300 percent

Practice What You Preach

A provider of performance management software improves its own marketing performance

Learning What to Teach

Identifying a few dropped signals enables Telvista to filter out more of the noise in its agent-training processes.

Surface-to-Air Missives

A travel service for military personnel uses SMS and live chat to ensure its customers can communicate

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