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July 2010

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CRM: Then and Now

Over the last 15 years, CRM projects and plans may have changed dramatically, introducing new angles and complex combinations, but the overarching goal of improving the customer relationship has remained a straight shot.

Reading the Text

McGraw-Hill learns to sell smarter.

Changing the Deal

Sigma Financial turns sales into something more than spreadsheets.

Connecting the Disconnected

Professional services firm Ceridian brings its independent salesforces under one CRM roof.

Driving Results

How AAA Mid-Atlantic turned database marketing into member retention.

Advising Consistency

Financial services firm Raymond James Financial gently offers its more than 5,000 advisors and associates a CRM interface they're familiar with.

Front Office

15 Years of Pocket Shots and Miscues

Reality Check

The Next 15 Years of CRM

Your customer-centric business strategy must become a two-way street.

Customer Centricity

The Siebel Effect—And Its Survivors

Failed CRM projects of the past may lead to a promising future.

The Tipping Point

The Cautionary Tales of CRM

Words of wisdom drawn from decades of disappointment.

Pint of View

Analyze This!

Are we suffering from too little data, or wallowing in too much of it?


CRM Is No Longer a Four-Letter Word

Why the badge is finally one worth wearing.

The Complexity of Collection

A slew of recently released Web analytics products may advance the collection of customer data from social networks.

Required Reading: Can Your Customer Be Your BFF?

A new book examines what it takes to engender the strongest kind of customer loyalty.

CRM On Twitter: July 2010

Secret of My Success

Putting the Pedal to the Metal with Sales

A cloud-based CRM implementation helps a digital sales agency drive its solutions into the future.

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