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June 2023

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From Sales to RevOps

Companies are moving to a cross-functional approach that focuses on financial outcomes.

Account-Based Marketing Refines Its Focus

Individual buyers will continue to replace larger accounts as marketing targets.

The Struggle to Raise First-Contact Resolutions

Contact centers have struggled to limit follow-ups, but tech is increasing the odds.

Front Office

Marketers Need to Embrace Personalization

Reality Check

Moving From CRM to VCRM

Sales organizations can't afford to overlook industry-specific solutions.


Where Can Marketing Technology Grow From Here?

There are 11,000 reasons to rethink that answer.

End Notes

Empathy Statements Aren’t Enough

Contact center agents need to be empowered to solve problems, not just say they're sorry.

Customer Experience

The Metaverse and Generative AI: Where Does CRM Fit into the Picture?

The interaction of these technologies will form the future of commerce.

Voice of the Customer

With CX, the Front Line Is Where the Action Is

Here's a simple approach to driving more action from your CX program.


B2B Marketers Are Embracing AI

But confidence is still lacking in the results generated, Forrester finds.

Forrester’s Brand Energy Leaders

The research firm identifies the companies with the most energized customer relationships and passionate advocates.

Gartner’s Top Customer Service Technologies

Customer service leaders value tech that supports customer self-service and agent retention.

Gartner’s Top Sales Technologies

Gartner identified the innovations sales leaders can adopt to boost buyer engagement.

Required Reading: Business Relationships Need Insta-Trust

Start customer negotiations by establishing confidence in your problem-solving skills.

Sales Leaders Need to Position Technology as a Teammate Rather Than a Tool

AI is augmenting sellers' abilities and productivity, Gartner finds.


Genesys Cloud 3 Solves GSG Staffing Challenge

The graphics firm increases call center productivity with Genesys' workforce management.

Regal.io Helps Kin Insurance Improve Outbound Marketing

Regal's branding solution ensures that calls go through.

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