April 24-26, 2017 | Washington Marriott Wardman Park

CRM Evolution 2017 Presentations

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Opening Keynote - Speeding to Success: Quantifying the Customer Experience
The Death of a Salesman
Sales Transformation:Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast!
Barry Trailer - A102_Trailer.pptx
Maximize Customer Experience With Data-Driven Insights
Solution Session - Microsoft
Kishan Chetan - 1415_Chetan.pdf
Adaptive Selling in the Digital Era
Lance Tyson - A104_Tyson.pptx
The Death of the Sales Funnel
View From the Crowd: Digital Marketing
The Marketer’s Cookbook: Recipes for Using Predictive Analytics
Steven Ramirez - B102_Ramirez.pdf
Mobilize Your Marketing
Ben Gillis - B103_Gillis.pptx
Solution Sessions - Salesforce
Charlie Isaacs - 1415_Isaacs.pdf
Turning Customers into Brand Advocates
A Practical Guide to Account-Based Marketing
Lora Kratchounova - B105_Kratchounova.pdf
Executive Boot Camp, Part 1 : Delighted Customer Strategy – How to Thrive in Digital Deluge
Executive Boot Camp, Part 2: Delighted Customer Strategy - Your Roadmap to Success in 2030
Automate This!
Vinnie Mirchandani - C103_Mirchandani.pdf
CRM, the Cloud, & the Culture of Mediocrity— Implementing Success in Next-Gen CRM
Joshua Greenbaum - C104_Greenbaum.pdf
The Path to Customer Service and Marketing Alignment
Brian Pia - C105_Pia.pptx

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Breakfast with the Influencers
Keynote: Customer Engagement: Business Imperative
Using Customer Engagement to Create Loyalty
Credible Growth: Using CRM Practices to Manage Long-Term Growth
AI’s Role in Shaping Modern Customer Engagement: Experts Weigh In
Solution Sessions - SAP Hybris
Leaper & Hildebrand - 1445_Leaper.pdf
ROI From CRM: Road Map for Success
Brian Gardner - A204_Gardner.pptx
Planning for CRM Success
Rick McCutcheon - B201_McCutcheon.pdf
Evaluating & Selecting a CRM System
Chris Caputo - B202_Caputo.pptx
Change Your Approach, Not Your CRM
Solution Sessions - Thunderhead
How to Meet Digital Customer Expectations With an Analog Budget
Robert Lamb - B204_Lamb.pdf
There Is No Customer Experience Without Customer Engagement
Thomas Wieberneit - C201_Wieberneit.pdf
Conversational Interfaces: How the Voice of the Customer Is Literally Changing Customer Engagement
Brent Leary - C202_Leary.pptx
Business Agility Unites All Areas of CRM
Denis Pombriant - C203_Pombriant.pptx
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, & the New Reality for Automated Interactions
Esteban Kolsky - C204_Kolsky.pdf

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to Become a Customer- & Employee- Centric Leader—& Reach the Next Level in Customer Engagement
Silvana Buljan - A301_Buljan.pdf
Extending CRM Beyond an Efficiency Tool Into a Platform for a Culture of Relationship
Richter & Brown - A302_Richter.pdf
The Key to Smart Cities—Information Sharing
Bob Greenberg - B301_Greenberg(1).pptx
Bob Greenberg - B301_Greenberg.pptx
Importance of the Customer Experience in the Federal Government
How Customer Analytics Fuels Successful Omni-Channel Journey Design
Leslie Ament - C301_Ament.pdf
The Future of Customer Experience Lies in the Fusion of Storytelling, Artificial Inteligence, and Customer Experience
Sheryl Kingstone - C302_Kingstone.pdf
Closing Keynote Panel: The Cutting Edge of Sports Fan Engagement

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