Smart Customer Support Transformation

Sponsored By: NICE Nexidia and Neustar

Check out his month’s Best Practices topic on Smart Customer Support transformation and has two contributed submissions that address major contact center pain points with truly smart applications of technology.

First, learn how to supercharge your call routing with personalized call routing that connects customers with the best available agent that fits that customer’s communication profile and predicted needs.

Next, if your outbound calling efforts have lost its effectiveness, find out how to overcome this issue by helping your customers have confidence that the caller ID information they see displayed is really who you are with  call authentication tools to ensure consumers are confident the caller ID is accurate and not being spoofed by scammers.

In this month’s Best Practices series you will receive:

  • Smart Customer Service Transformation Begins With Smarter Connections NICE Nexidia
  • 3 Steps To Improve Customer Contact Rates And Protect Your Brand By Optimizing Outbound Calls Neustar

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