Customer Authentication, Identity Resolution, and Voice Biometrics

Sponsored By: Neustar and Verint

Why spend the first segment of every phone contact putting your customers through an interrogation to prove who they are?

When it comes to discussing high value or complex issues, resolving problems, or conveying sensitive information, a phone call is still the top choice for consumers.

And what about the huge issue that has plagued legitimate outbound callers over the past several years—namely, that people have stopped answering their phones?

DOWNLOAD this instalment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices and find out how your company can help your customers identify your company when the roles are reversed and you need to contact them.

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  • When Customers Stop Answering Their PHONES by Neustar 
  • Getting Started With Voice Biometrics by Verint

You don’t need to cede the voice channel for outbound customer communications, but you do need to actively contribute to your own identity resolution.

Find out how you can maintain security and increase trust with the information in this Best Practices installment.