Customer Experience Management:
How to deliver great customer experiences and create loyal customers

A Best Practices White Paper from CRM magazine

Readers of CRM magazine won't be surprised to learn that delivering great customer experiences is a top initiative among recently polled C-level executives. In the following Best Practices Guide to Customer Experience Management, you'll here from 16 solution provider experts, who share their insights on how your company can improve its ability to delight your customers.

You'll notice these major themes mentioned in several of the recommendations presented in this section:

• Customers are in charge of which channel they will use, and companies need to present consistent experiences across all channels.

• Personalization is the difference between delivering adequate customer service and great customer experiences.

• The mobile channel is exploding and companies need to plan accordingly.

• Analytics is key to understanding your customers and how well they feel they are being served.

• Plan to be flexible. New channels will undoubtedly spring up just like the social and mobile channels have.