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Jonathan Moran

head of MarTech solutions marketing, SAS

Jonathan Moran is head of MarTech solutions marketing at SAS, with a focus on customer experience and marketing technologies. Moran has more than 20 years of marketing and analytics industry experience, including roles at Earnix and the Teradata Corporation in presales, consulting, and marketing.

Articles for Jonathan Moran

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NLP and NLU underpin effective generative AI for marketers.

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Various forms of AI and descriptive and predictive analytics have been used in the back office for decades, and we're now seeing them being brought into the front office to power personalization in customer engagement.

How Technical Debt Can Impact the Customer and Employee Experience

The downstream effects of maintaining legacy systems or processes can be unpleasant and long-lasting.

Digital Twins: A Marketer's Guide

Digital twins can help companies guide customers to the ideal outcomes on their journey rather than forcing them down a predefined path.