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Marianne S. Hewitt

The Growth Strategy Group

The Growth Strategy Group’s Marianne S. Hewitt has held senior marketing and technology leadership positions in industry and practice leadership roles in the global consulting environment. She promotes marketers’ understanding to leverage and adapt the use of technology to marketing, sales and service to drive sustainable growth, enhance customer engagement and long-term customer relationships. Recognized for her powerful ability to influence and develop profitable strategies, she has demonstrated successes implementing governance, business processes, organization structures and technology solutions to help achieve business objectives (

Articles for Marianne S. Hewitt

How to Bridge Marketing's Digital Divide

By adopting an agile approach and eliminating the silos that separate people, technologies, and data, you can nurture a marketing ecosystem that is well suited to achieve the seamless, insight-driven, omnichannel experience to which we all aspire. The second in a two-part series.

Marketing’s Digital Divide: It’s Not “Digital” Marketing, It's Just Marketing

Many organizations have allowed a separate and distinct "digital" marketing team to evolve. It operates along-side the traditional outbound marketers but may not always work on integrated channel programs with them. This divide creates barriers to achieving the seamless, insight driven, omnichannel experience to which we aspire. Part one of a two-part series.