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Sunil Rao

Sunil Rao is vice president of audience analytics and DMP practice at Merkle. Rao brings over 12 years of experience in digital analytics, CRM, and marketing measurement. He is an expert in digital data and analytics and leverages his deep expertise in quantitative methods to apply them in today’s digital media world. As head of Merkle’s audience management and DMP practice, Rao supports clients in formulating an audience-based marketing plan, activating their first-party data assets to enhance customer journeys and driving a positive return from their marketing and technology investments. 

Previously he was involved in building Merkle’s methodology for digital audience sizing and opportunity assessment as well as leading analytics engagements with a variety of clients across verticals such as DirecTV, Universal Orlando, and Travelers Insurance.

Sunil has a master’s degree in engineering from NC State University.

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