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Productivity Suites Promote KM Practices

Productivity suites such as Office XP present users with easy to understand knowledge management tools paired with programs they already use daily in the office.

Knowledge Know-How

Joseph Batista, director of enterprise and Internet initiatives at Compaq Computer Corp., is leading a unique sales approach, which dispenses knowledge to help businesses grow.

The Power of the Ultralight

New computers as light as 3 pounds-so-called ultralights or ultraportables-can handle for the most demanding PC applications, while more KM applications are appearing that run on personal computers, including ultraportables, rather than requiring a server connection.

Behind the Scenes at IBM WorldJam

Yvette Burton, a social scientist with IBM's Institute for Knowledge Management in New York, managed to stay awake and online through about two-thirds of the three-day WorldJam forum she facilitated.

Verna Allee on Rethinking KM

This Q&A with Verna Allee, president of Integral Performance Group, accompanies the "Movers & Shakers" article from the July 2001 edition of Knowledge Management magazine.

Harvesting Knowledge

The Internet is constantly changing and that often means missing links and changed URLs--a shocking experience if you're looking for a valued source. And a bookmark is little help when the dreaded 'file not found' error is all it leads to. Fortunately, personal Web capture tools can keep pages from being swallowed up and available to be accessed anytime.

Best Buy Embraces KM Best Practices

In its tumultuous 40-year history Best Buy has seen the best of times and the worst of times. With its KM implementation, it is hoping to capture its best practices for all times.

Web Extra: Author Steve Denning on his Discovery of Storytelling

This Q&A with storytelling guru Steve Denning was written to accompany the feature story, "Once Upon an Enterprise," in the May 2001 issue of Knowledge Management magazine.

Building Trust in an Online Community

Communispace's role-based virtual community solution adds idea generation to knowledge sharing.

Creating Online Communities

Online knowledge-based communities encourage people to come together to share knowledge in a unified space

Giving Voice to Sales and Service

Speech recognition technology has many potential applications in sales and marketing--including some you probably haven't thought of.

Defining Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management magazine Editor at Large, Steve Bath, establishes a working definition of KM for the CRM community.

Xerox's Field Techs Share Tips--Globally

Xerox's Eureka knowledge management system allows field service technicians to share solutions to problems that aren't covered in the company's documentation.