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CRM's 7 Deadly Warning Bells

Between May 2004 and June 2005 CRM magazine checked in every two to three weeks with Churchill Downs Inc. to gauge the progress of the company's multiyear, multimillion CRM initiative. Vice President of CRM and Technology Solutions Atique Shah's CRM initiative diary shed light on the ups and downs that he and his team encountered during a hectic, and ultimately winning, year one. In the course of these discussions Shah regularly mentioned CRM's warning bells, some of which sounded, some of which remained blessedly silent. We return to the site of the Kentucky Derby's parent company to examine the seven warning bells and to flesh out year-one lessons that will help other CRM project managers improve their odds of success.

6 Ways to Maximize Contact Center Profitability

What follows are six strategies that companies are using to maximize contact center profitability while minimizing risk.

The 6 Most Overlooked Customer Touch Points

Think the only impressions your company makes are through branding, sales calls, and customer service? Think again. Mishandling interactions like reference management and billing can cause customer defection as quickly as a poor contact center experience

The 2004 CRM Elite

Six companies that set out to get measurable results, then met or surpassed their expectations.

5 Ways to Get More From Your CRM Investment

Here are the five strategies of five companies that have turbocharged their CRM initiatives.

A Slice of the Good Life: Dallas--Ascendix Technologies

Great Teams Think Alike

CRM by Any Other Name

Executives' Guide to Call Center Excellence: Workforce Management--Quality Is Job One...Or Is It?

Before quantifying call center metrics, companies must examine the effect customer service levels have on satisfaction.

CRM in Action: IM Means Business

Partner Portals Pay Off

Golf USA uses portals to build relationships with and sales for franchisees.

Hitting the Books

Universities and grade schools are increasing adopting CRM to communicate with their constituents, and to attract and retain better students.