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A New Language for Effective Searches

Natural language based search tools represent an important advance in data search technology. But are they advanced enough to truly benefit corporate users?

Extending the Life of Legacy Solutions

WebFocus builds on years of experience to extend business intelligence to the Web by allowing users to retrieve and manipulate data from legacy platforms.

Build a Dynamic Business Portal With XML

Flextronics International uses Sequoia's XPS 3.0 XML-based portal solution to build a dynamic portal that improves communication between the company and its customers

The Globalization of Dun & Bradstreet

In an effort to better serve global customers, the world's largest B2B content provider restructures its knowledge banks and moves to the Web

An Extranet for Sharing the Wealth

Exodus' Alliance Exchange PRM extranet allows Exodus and its partners to easily trade information about experts and available resources.

We Didn't Know What We Were Getting Ourselves Into

Rockwell Automation shows how outsourcing a supply chain management solution can impact customer relationships.

Managing Information Overload

A look at's ability to deliver targeted external and internal information to the desktop PC.

A Portal Within

A review of KnowledgeTrack's Knowledge Center portal product.

Second-Generation E-Business Portals

The enterprise information portal has moved from technology du jour to mission-critical system. First-generation portal systems were primarily aimed at knowledge management applications--aggregating corporate data and content for internal use by employees. Now, a new breed of portal products has begun to appear targeting uses beyond the walls of the organization for e-business applications with partners and customers.