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Jeff Thull

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Selling to Executives

Who's getting their attention, you or your competitor?

Sales Self-Sabotage

The cause and the cure.

The Decisions of Negotiation

Last-minute conflicts often lead to a no-sale. Why risk it when you don't have to?

11th-Hour Negotiations

How to prevent them.

Selling to Executives

Earning the keys to the elevator.

Value Creation: The New Core Competency for Growth Minded Companies

It is critical to make value creation everyone's job.

Is Purchasing Stripping Value As It Reduces Costs?

Don't allow purchasing to make decisions that the service/warranty department knows nothing about.

Closing the Gaps Between Value Creation and Value Delivery

Sellers must be able to link their solution to buyers' business strategy and address the absence of value.

Driving Forces of Commoditization

How to get paid for the value you deliver.