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They've Got Your Whole Business in Their Hands

Burned by capricious consumers, PDA vendors target your enterprise.

Web Extra: The Human Side of Automating the Field Force

A Q&A with Yankee Group's Brian Jones.

Government Tips for Wireless Security

U.S. Government security officer James Craft offers tips on what your company should do (and not do) in planning out a wireless security strategy.

The Sound of Your Customer's Voice

Cable & Wireless replaced its traditional, paper-intensive market research with a Web-based customer feedback solution. The program's success is a prime example of the synthesis between strategy and technology.

Taking the High Road with Satellite Phones

Satellite phone providers are coming after your field force. Are you ready to handle their pitch?

How Do You Automate 30,000 Field Techs?

America's leading telephone-access line provider is deploying approximately 30,000 wirelessly enabled rugged notebook computers in what is being called the largest project of its kind in history.

Managing CRM in a Slowing Economy

How important it is to stay the CRM course in the face of budget cuts? "It depends," says one consultant.

How to Pick a Wireless ASP

By outsourcing wireless application development and deployment, companies are seeking to come to market faster than the competition and save resources. While it might seem an easy decision to turn your mobile project over to a WASP, there are important questions to ask of your prospective service providers to avoid getting stung.

SkiRM Solution Keeps Vacationers Grinning

Resort owner Intrawest developed a Web-based solution founded on Pivotal eRelationship 2000 software that not only allows guests to book vacations online, but provides company staff across the continent with a single view of the customer.

Mobile & Wireless Predictions for 2001

Enterprise mobile communications has changed remarkably over the years. It's no longer good enough to keep up; you've got to stay one step ahead of the transformations to remain competitive.

Executives Disconnected From Mobile Commerce

A recent poll shows a surprising number of executives still aren't hip to mobile commerce.

Testing Your Mobile Vendor

Enterprise users must demand more of solutions providers as companies make the inevitable transition from a wired to a wireless world.

I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help Your Field Force

The U.S. government's decision to eliminate of GPS signal degredation SA could be a turning point for mobile workforces. The potential for integrating more precise location technology into enterprise applications is practically unlimited.

Virginia Natural Gas Automates its Field Force

Q&A with Brian Maclean of Virginia Natural Gas who describes how field force automation helps his service fleet keeps pace with 10,000 new customers a year.

Stocking the Supermarkets

An industry veteran incorporates GPS systems and two-way messaging into a mobile solution for tracking distribution

A Mobile Guide to Fun

With Vindigo's free software download, your mobile workers can use their Palm OS device to find their way to a little R&R.

Smelling is Believing

I have seen the future of customer relationship management-and it stinks. Oakland, Calif.-based DigiScents Inc. swear on a stack of Wall Street Journals will deliver smell via the Internet. Imagine the possibilities.