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Breeding Trust in Transactions

With its trust-based transaction settlement solutions, facilitates the last mile of e-commerce.

Optiva Optimizes R&D

A case study of how a leading paint and specialty coatings manufacturer is revolutionizing its R&D lab with the implementation of an Optiva solution.

The Music Industry Strikes an e-Note

The battle over who controls digital music has broad implications about consumer expectations and the Internet economy as a whole.

Bandwidth on the Block

A look at Perfect's new automated RFQ technology that intelligently matches buyers with sellers it it's client,

Internet Music by the Book

A look at how has carved a legal niche in the online music business.

Priced to Sell

Zilliant is carving out a niche in the business intelligence marketplace by putting the power of strategic pricing to work for its clients.

eHobbies Delivers Christmas

A case study of eHobbies's successful pre-holiday launch.

Multichannel Marketing

A look at interactive ad agency Full Moon Interactive and how they help clients optimize their use of traditional and online marketing strategies.

IBM: A Pioneering Advocate of Online Privacy

A case study of how IBM maintains a consistent privacy policy across its 400,000 Web pages.