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CRM Strategy and its Relationship to Field Service and Support

CRM requires a full integration of all pre- and postsales services systems operating from a common database, using a variety of voice, data, and image communication links (wireless, Internet, etc.).

The Future of Field Communications Technology

Blumberg uses his experience with the evolution of portable computer technology to predict the future of field terminals. He argues that mobile workers will soon regularly use technology once described only in science fiction stories, and speculates on what the next step beyond that will be.

Service Opportunities in Manufacturing

Opportunities are being created for both manufacturers and independent service organizations (ISOs) by the emerging demand of plant and building owners to outsource what was previously viewed as internal service.

Mining Data From the Field

The most overlooked use of CRM applications involves examining data collected by field service reps.

Rein In Your Field Operations with Analytical Models

Before establishing a field force, use analytical models to ensure that your strategy is a solid one.

Field Service Diagnostics

How proper use of remote and centralized diagnostics can spark efficiency and productivity.