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Reinventing HR to Manage Knowledge

Many companies today are pushing to expand the functions of their human resources departments to include KM. But doing so requires both an understanding of HR's capabilities and why staff may be reluctant to shift away from their traditional roles.

Welcoming the Customer to the R&D Lab

How Web-based collaboration tools are bringing customer input into the product design process.

Planning Out a Portal

Case studies reveal that establishing a successful business portal requires careful planning and research before even making the first vendor calls.

Reinventing the Supply Chain

No longer just about the "what" and "where" of components, supply chains must now reconcile dynamic knowledge-based processes and corporate strategy

Building Foundations for Builders' Collaboration

Online collaboration helps the construction industry to break ground on new projects.

Dealing with Complex Products in Online Exchanges

B2B online exchanges are desperate for applications that can handle complex product specifications in specialized vertical markets. This articles examines how that challenge will be met as e-business becomes pervasive.

The New e-Supply Chain

A look at the online supply chain of the future and how you can prepare for it.

Zurich U.S. Brings Intelligence Online

Case Study: Risk management insurer Zurich U.S. has replaced its antiquated claims report system with business intelligence solution, giving customers access to claims information and reports via personalized Web pages

Your B2B Solution Might Already Be Under Your Nose

When knowledge management and e-business come together, companies find themselves working smarter online.

How Business Intelligence Bridges Retail to e-Tail

A case study of how L.L. Bean used business intelligence methods to bridge the gap between their highly successful mail order catalog and their newly emerging e-commerce channel.