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The Key to Unlocking a True Companywide CRM Program

Marketing, sales, and service departments' respective goals for customer relationships are often in direct opposition to each other; EPM strategy relies upon the premise that each part of the company will deliver on, and even exceed, its performance objectives.

Predicting Current and Future Customer Demand

Demand and revenue management means more than building sales and profits.

Drive Demand Profitably Through Pricing

Every company can benefit from revenue management strategies.

Reward or Recognize?

Reward or recognize? In the past these two types of incentives have been seen as competing against one another particularly during the implementation or refinement of customer loyalty programs. However, companies are now looking at combining the two.

The Days of ''If You Build It, They Will Come'' Are Over

Most companies build products they think the customer wants, then sit around nervously hoping customers will come. To survive today, however, companies must make sure they are producing products people want, and in a shorter time frame.

New CRM Philosophy

The new face of CRM will be molded by business users and achieved through a separation of data and logic. AMR Senior Analyst of Customer Management Service Kevin Scott says many CRM projects have not worked due to a lack of project direction and governance and in the future people need to approach the market with a new philosophy, attitude toward technology and an integrated measurement system plan.