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CRM Rants On a Monday Morning

We are still seeing plenty of program misstarts, and a number of outright failures. --Bernie Goldberg, founder of Direct Marketing Publishers

No Pain, No Gain

A direct route to adoption is to address issues that are causing pain in the sales and marketing arena.

The People Part of the Excellence Equation

To maintain this difference managers need to do three things: hire right, engage their employees, and retain the best people.

Call Center or Profit Center?

Perspectives on changing how the ROI game is played.

How to Evaluate CRM Consultants

For every successful CRM implementation that benefited from outside consulting services, there's at least one other that's a tale of woe. What should your company do when contemplating a consulting engagement to maximize your chances for a successful project?

Managers Have Needs Too, Ya Know

Sales managers must know who is doing what, when and how. Now, technology can provide this information-and make it more meaningful.

Was It Bad For You, Too?

We talk a lot about sales force automation. What about sales manager automation?

Hoisting the Sales

IN THIS final installment of a three-part series on challenges facing sales managers, we will examine increased competition and issues surrounding new hires. We will also look at how CRM/SFA technology can assist managers in meeting the challenge.

Help Wanted

The success of your SFA project may depend on the consultant who advises you.

How To Grow A Sales Rep

Coaching and SFA technology offer the keys to improved sales performance.