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Collaborate, Don't Dominate

Turf protection, the roar of power struggles, and self-preservation don't create collaborative cultures.

Enterprise Schmenterprise

CRM still means different things to different people.

Can We All Learn to Sing Around the CRM Campfire?

Will we ever learn to modify our behavior, learn to collaborate around integrated data files that contain the bits of customer information?

Why We Can't Implement What We Don't Understand

When I meet someone who says he is implementing CRM, I always ask, "CRM management" or "CRM marketing"? You would be surprised at the number of times the term CRM (which I believe should include all aspects of customer relationships) is used to describe narrow marketing programs, loyalty programs and marketing automation software implementations. In fact, I recently visited a leading CRM site to eagerly read a promising article about CRM only to discover it was about a financial institution's marketing program.