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Paul Korzeniowski

technology writer

Paul Korzeniowski is a freelance writer who specializes in technology. He has been covering CRM issues for more than two decades, is based in Sudbury, Mass., and can be reached at or on Twitter at #PaulKorzeniowski.

Articles for Paul Korzeniowski

CRM in Professional Services: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Automation needs to replace data ambiguity.

CRM in Real Estate/Property Management: Vertical Markets Spotlight

CRM enables firms to navigate turbulent waters.

CRM in Manufacturing: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Manufacturers finally start to embrace CRM.

CRM in Technology: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Tech companies tend to push CRM to the limit.

Is Social Customer Care Ready for a Comeback?

Customer service over social channels failed once, and it still needs work in version 2.0.

The Top Sales Trends for 2022: A New Normal Emerges Post-Pandemic

Sales needs to focus on digital technology, social media, automation, and training.

Voice Biometrics Are Not 100 Percent Foolproof, but Steadily Improving

The technology has holes, but is more efficient than traditional password security.

The Top Sales Trends: Digital Technology and Social Issues Drive Dramatic Changes in Sales

Low pricing and high quality become less vital to sales' success or failure

The Keys to Identifying Underserved Markets

Data analytics, mapping software, social media tools, and personas help marketers identify new customer groups.

The Top Sales Trends: COVID-19 Drives Changes to Sales Solution Road Maps

The new normal demands sales solutions with robust collaboration, price monitoring, sales performance, digitization, and automation features

Social Media Influencers Can Boost Customer Service’s Image

Businesses ask happy customers to share their feelings on social media

7 Steps to Heat Up Cold Calling

Cold calling has become more challenging as technology has evolved, but it still offers a prime opportunity to land a new deal

Personas Become Key to Successful Marketing

Customer profiles can help reach buyers with precision, but it takes effort

Customer Data Platforms Emerge as Marketing’s Latest Holy Grail

Companies adopt a new way to collect information in their ongoing quest to gain a single view of the customer

With Gamification, Contact Centers Can Be Fun

Contact centers are not blind to the issues that cause worker discontent, and many are now trying to inject a little fun into the drudgery by incorporating gamification. It's viewed as a natural progression as changing employee expectations increasingly alter the workforce.

When It Comes to Texting, Companies Need to Strike a Balance

Texting is a viable business communications tool, but inefficiencies still abound

The Meandering Path from IVRs to IVAs

Opportunities abound for emerging voice intelligence solutions, but companies need to be mindful about what the systems can and cannot deliver

The Gig Economy Is Emerging, but Overstated

Most job seekers, even Millennials, still prefer traditional jobs to flexible options

Mastering Data Requires Attention to Detail

Businesses needing a 360-degree view of their customers can achieve it if they're willing to put in the work

Intent-Based Marketing: The Early Bird’s System

New data analysis tools emerge to help companies identify customers earlier in the buying process

Extending International Reach Doesn’t Guarantee Marketing Success

Companies need to balance potential opportunities with numerous challenges when expanding beyond their borders

CRM Looks for Its Link on the Blockchain

Largely used for financial transactions, blockchain technology is finding its way into front- and back-office applications

Machine Learning Reshapes the Marketing Landscape

Emerging solutions provide marketers with insights into program effectiveness, but they require a high degree of skill to fine-tune

Bots Should Be in Your Contact Center’s Future

The technology emerges as businesses look to artificial intelligence to improve customer service

Can Better Grammar Improve Customer Service?

As customer interactions move online, agents might need to brush up on their misplaced modifiers

Design's Critical Role in Customer Engagements

To stand out from competitors, businesses must artfully craft experiences that resonate with customers and increase brand value

Enterprises Move from Passive to Active Social Media Strategies

Rather than just respond to irate tweets, corporations use social media interactions ?to drive change in business processes

Sneaker Shop Targets Trendsetters with Personalization

Villa uses Reflektion's 1 to 1 Personalization platform to help apparel customers find the right look

Subscription Services Can Revamp Business But Challenge Contact Centers

A new business model takes shape, where consumers rent goods and services rather than buy them.

Mobile Wallet Building Blocks Slowly Take Shape

Emerging technology promises to overhaul the payment process, but first it must overcome myriad technical and logistical obstacles.

Mobile CRM Is Slow to Take Hold

Integration hurdles slow deployments as systems largely fail to deliver significant value to users.

CRM and Knowledge Management: Balancing Information and Insight

Companies are tying KM systems into CRM solutions to maximize understanding and use of internal resources, but the process can be onerous.

The Complex Challenge of Repairing Customer Trust

Social media provides businesses with intriguing opportunities to strengthen the bond with consumers. 

The 2012 Service Elite

The Shifting e-Commerce Marketplace

Companies seeking suppliers have plenty from which to choose, but the market is turbulent

eSurvivor: Commerce Challenge

Fierce battle centers on retail players and favors those who adapt best to new market dynamics

QM Picture Grows Blurry

Vendors deliver a broad suite of new functionality

CRM Searches for Search

The technology to locate information may be readily available, but can CRM systems uncover their own buried treasure?

High Performance

WFO suite vendors offer call centers increased ease of use, improved staffing, and lower business costs via new product packages

SAP Offers Customers Benchmarking Aids

The business software vendor teams up with its user group to develop meaningful metrics for call centers; other benchmarking tests are on the way.