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Solutions of the World: Part II

Through economic woes and political upheaval, CRM continues its march around the globe.

Empowering e-Government

The government has begun adopting customer resource management tools and techniques in an attempt to provide better online service to citizens. Unfortunately, the fragmented nature of their approach prevents this from being truly effective.

CRM Vendors Move to the Latin Beat

Latin America may soon become a hotbed of activity for CRM software vendors. Here's why.

Web Conferencing Comes of Age

Save time and money on travel and heighten service levels by meeting online with colleagues, customers and prospects.

Power to the People

Will the use of CRM technology in the public sector help government reconnect with the people?

Meet Me in Cyberspace

Save time and money on travel and heighten service levels by meeting online with colleagues, customers and prospects.

Can You Collaborate?

Partner Relationship Management is not just about vendors feeding information to channel partners over an extranet. Increasingly, the goal is to bring strategic partners, channel partners and the inside sales force together in a collaborative environment to serve the customer better.

Strike up the Brand

Branding and CRM go hand in hand, say experts. Successfully executing both in the Internet age requires a careful strategy that incorporates the latest technologies and a thorough understanding of your relationship with the customer.

Who Should Run the CRM Show?

Companies are increasingly struggling to choose between sales, marketing, IT and service for control over customer-centric programs.

Customer Service Award:

Online travel purveyor uses Brightware's e-mail management software to keep responses running on time.

Wrestling for Power

As CRM's definition expands and evolves, IT, sales, marketing and service tussle over who should be in charge of implementing customer-facing technology.

Healthy Sales

A feature of pharmaceutical sales reps' lives for over 15 years, CRM gains even more importance in today's highly competitive healthcare market.

The Human Touch

In the sales arena, the Internet is stealing the show. So what's a direct sales force to do?

CRM Vendors Take On the World

International CRM systems girdle the globe, streamlining communication with customers.

Share and Share Alike

Linux at Last

Around the World In...Seconds

International CRM systems girdle the globe, streamlining communication with customers.

Learning Lessons from CRM Failures

CRM vendors, hoping to take control of training and ensure successful software implementations, are leading more end users toward virtual training solutions.

New Software Stores Customer Data on Customer's Computer

Encirq's technology tracks consumer buying patterns for personalized marketing with invading privacy by storing the data on the consumer's own computer.

The Three Rs Go Virtual

As online training catches on in the CRM world, trainees are taking their seats in front of a computer to learn the basics of relationships, retention and ROI.

Forget ASPs; BSPs are the New Way of Implementing CRM

BSPs, which represent the new way CRM solutions will be delivered, not only offer hosted solutions, but also provide integration and consulting services.

A Perfect e-Marketplace

A look at's automated RFQ process and how it aims to create a perfect market on the Internet.

A Sharper Edge for Sales Managers

Ockham Technology's SalesRazor suite uses analytics to boost sales managers' decision-making capabilities.

Why Customer Complaints Aren't All Bad

Online complaint monger Jennifer Biscoe, CEO of, encourages unsatisfied customers to gripe on her site and has been overwhelmed by the groundswell of popular support for her idea.

Progress With Partners

Partner relationship management software can help manufacturers drive down the costs of maintaining channel relationships while boosting efficiency. Analysts estimate that the market potential for PRM software will reach $1 billion by 2001.

Making the Connection

Partner Relationship Management software lets you communicate with sales partners over the Internet.

Vantive Advantage

Vantive Sales gives reps the tools they need to close the deal.