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Lior Arussy

founder and president, Strativity Group

Lior Arussy ( is the founder and president of Strativity Group ( He is the author of several books, including Excellence Every Day (Information Today, Inc., 2008), his most recent, an excerpt of which appeared in CRM’s May 2008 issue.

Articles for Lior Arussy

The Core of Customer Centricity

You can't transform your company without your employees' help.

Giving CE a Seat at the Table

Companies have empty pockets when it comes to fixing what's broken.

The Role of Culture in Customer Relationships

Build exceptional experiences through emotional connections.

The Evolution of Management

Why the challenges you face may not be your fault.

The Guiding Assumption

What do you really think about your customers?

The Customer, the Missing CEO, and the Miracle That Will Not Happen

There are no shortcuts to customer strategy.

Technology Isn't Everything

Increase your ROI with an investment in attitude.

Are You Willing to Socialize With Your Customers?

Stop treating them like children and open a dialogue

Obsess About Your Customers, Not Competitors

Immerse yourself in the world of your clients to appreciate their true expectations

There’s No Substitute for Experience

A salesperson must make a customer feel as if he must have it

It’s All About Execution and Measurable Results

Customer experience 2.0 demands more discipline than 1.0

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Enough with the buzzwords and hype. Let's start doing.

When Customer Experience Matters Most

An eruption of volcanic ash leads to an eruption of service mistakes.

The Tribal Evangelist

Your biggest fans can be your best marketers—provided you do everything in your power to enable them.

Putting the 'Self' in Self-Service 2.0

The real revolution is enabling customers to define their own interactions.

Book Excerpt: The Tribal Experience

Customers may be newly empowered, but they still want to be delighted. Can you still deliver?

The Trouble with Tribal

In the drive for the tribal experience, Self-Service 1.0 no longer works.

Customers Don’t Buy What You Sell

Your company is more than the sum of its transactions

You Are What You Measure

The measurements you track are an indication of the customer relationships you want to have.

The Post-Recession Customer

From now on, consumers will be saddled with residual uncertainty.

Is Customer Experience Relevant in a Recession?

Only if you remember why it mattered in the first place.

Neuromarketing Isn’t Marketing

Focus on the customer's heart, not his head.

Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service

The real thing requires tailored, customized, and personalized solutions.

“At Least We’re Making Our Numbers”

If that's the case, do we really need to change?

The Excellence Myth

In an exclusive excerpt from his new book Excellence Every Day, industry thought leader Lior Arussy examines the truth--and crippling fictions--behind the value of experience.

Where Has All the Commitment Gone?

Lofty statements too often end up as small and meaningless actions.

Fix What Works

The ever-evolving journey toward exceptional customer experience.

Imperfect Scores

Is a new industry standard keeping executives from focusing on the relationships that matter?

Ain't It Rich?

The new competitive differentiation for luxe retailers will be about behaviors and solutions that are customer--not product--centric.

The Variance Factor

CRM needs new tools to help align customers and employees for the best service satisfaction.

Shall We Dance?

It takes two to tango--a customer-company relationship with only one partner doing its part will fail.

Beware the Faulty Satisfaction Survey

Market research firms must measure complete experiences to help clients differentiate products and services.

Embrace Complexity

Avoid paying the price of oversimplified customer interactions.

Meet Expectations Before Trying to Exceed Them

By trying to reduce costs, companies reduce the overall value they provide to customers and drop performance below customer expectations.

Is Your Product Really That Great?

Loyalty programs won't work if a company's core product or service is perceived to have little or no value.

The Art of Selling IT

Capture cooperation and excitement around CRM technology for its full benefits.

Find Out What Employees Are Afraid Of

Fear keeps many workers from reaching their full level of commitment and productivity.

The Search for Growth Through Innovation

G.E. reevaluates its efficiency-related efforts.

The Power to Serve

Let employees make mistakes--you'll be better off.

Congratulations, You Are at Par: The New Four Ps

Excerpt from Passionate & Profitable: Why Customer Strategies Fail and 10 Steps to Do Them Right! By Lior Arussy (printed with permission from the publisher John Wiley & Sons)

Be a Bag

Britain's leading handbag and accessories designer lets customers put their own identity on the products they buy.

Do Your Customers See Your Value?

If customers fail to see value, they regard your products or services as commodities.

The Disappearing Act

We find ourselves again and again puzzled by customers' needs, and we fail to address them.

Stop Wasting Everyone's Time

The faster you deliver relevant information, the more competitive your offering will be.

Other People's Customers

There are at least five major issues that prevent us from execution. Acting requires recognizing and addressing them.

Customers Are So Emotional

Businesses that build themselves on logic only will be expensive to operate.

Training Is for Dogs

Rarely do we see principles-based education that allows employees to use common sense to solve the customers' problems, and deliver a pleasing experience.

Don't Burden Customers With Your Costs

Growth does not come from cost cutting, but from customer relationships.

The Efficient Lover

Companies must define the role of the customer in their relationship, the type of customers they are seeking and the types of customer they are not seeking to form relationships with.