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Helping Customers Charge It on the Web

E-commerce solutions from Cardservice International allow any business to accept credit cards online.

Big Sea, Bold Fish

Boldfish hooks customers by delivering thousands of personalized e-mail messages.

ACT! Keeps Contact Info In Order

The ACT! contact manager not only keeps track of names and contact information, but also tracks more esoteric details, connects them, moves them around and provides many other functions to make keeping in touch easier.

Sales Odyssey

Simulated people offer customer service online, fostering self-service and enhancing the customer experience.

Charge It

e-commerce solutions from cardservice International mean any business can accept credit cards.

e-Questions? No Problem.

e-Faq, from Interactive Intelligence, makes it easy to answer online queries.

Training is Tops at Starwood Hotels

A well-trained workforce is the backbone of every organization. Yet, finding the best way to deliver that training is the never-ending ordeal of the business.

Get Your ACT Together

Fully synchronized contact manager puts your papers in order.

Keep the Customer Satisfied

Xelus' product suite helps organizations optimize their service operations.

Training from A to Z

Ingenium tracks employee training wherever it may be--the computer or the classroom.

Meeting With Ease

Out-of-town clients are as close as the Internet with WebEx Meeting Center.

Keeping Training On Track

Click2learn's Ingenium tracks employee training wherever it may be--the computer or the classroom.

Blue Martini Lunch

The customer interaction system from Blue Martini lets you wine and dine your e-customers.

Support the People

PeopleSupport gives e-businesses the tools to meet customer expectations.

Simplifying RFPs

Pragmatech Software CEO Brooke Savage says a number of factors make the RFP process so painful. First, most RFPs are very long and require highly detailed answers to a variety of questions. Second, the requests typically set very tight deadlines. Organizations that don't meet the deadline fail to become major competitors in the bidding process. And third, many organizations don't have an automated system for responding to RFPs.

CRM and Harmony

Salespage Technologies' customer relationship management applications bring solutions together.


Broad Mind expands Q&A horizons.

Training from A to Z

Ingenium tracks employee training wherever it may be--the computer or the classroom.


Pragmatech software's products take the pain out of the request for proposal process.

Add Campaign

Marketswitch uses the power of mathematical analytics to determine the most profitable marketing campaign strategies.

CRM Comes to the Legal Profession

A case study of how the legal profession is beginning to use CRM to manage client relationships.

Step Up

Frontstep CRM brings the power of the Internet to customer relationship management.

Smart Service

The eService Suite helps organizations meet the challenges of customer service in the Internet age.

Build-it-yourself CRM

YOUcentric's "adapt-to-order" relationship management application puts you in the developer's seat.

Learning Curves

KnowDev takes contact center agents out of the classroom and keeps them in the phone queue.

Say What?

Nice Systems gives contact centers the tools to analyze and improve the customer experience.

Get Personal

Unica's Affinium suite gives marketers the tools to have one-to-one interactions with customers.

Got Clients?

You say customer, they say client. A California law firm finds relationship management doesn't begin and end with the sales force.

Route Right

With a new e-commerce edition, Rockwell's transcend call routing application takes customer contact higher.

Help Yourself

Web+center's suite of support applications makes it easy for organizations to help their customers and themselves.

Bring It, Don't Build It brings the power of a custom sales management solution to any business.

Discover Your Customers with Discovery Suite

Digital Archaeology's Discovery Suite analytics applications acts as a knowledge finder that can link and analyze disparate data sources in days or even hours.

Spread the News

Send marketing information where it's needed- -promptly and efficiently.

Total Integration

TotalView and TotalNet create cohesive call center management.

The Next Chapter

Vignette's V/Series opens a new book on building the e-business.

Can We Talk?

When e-customers want to talk, nRealTime's solutions let companies listen- -and talk back, in real time.

Discover Your Customers

Digital Archaeology makes analytics quick.

Gotta Get It Now!

ShortCycles sales and marketing information exchange helps deliver the right documents right now to help close the deal.

Know It All

Tacit Knowledge Systems turns e-mail into KnowledgeMail.

Changing Gears

The drive to increase customer loyalty leads Nissan North America into the heart of CRM.

Annuncio Live Brings Internet Marketing Campaigns

Annuncio Live allows the marketing professional to define, automate, track and analyze Internet marketing campaigns targeted one-on-one at e-commerce customers.

Epicor Clientele Lets Everybody in on Customer Int

Epicor's Clientele offers an integrated Customer Relationship Management solution that allows everyone in the organization- -from development to marketing to support- -to track and share client information. Price: Pricing depends on configuration.

A Winning Proposal-- Customer Interaction Awards

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire's InfoBuilder solution streamlines the proposal process.

Share and Share Alike

Clientele lets everybody in on important customer interactions.

Add It Up

Hyperion's Essbase server helps organizations combine and analyze data.

Live Wire

Annuncio brings Internet marketing campaigns to life.

How can we ensure consistent, high quality service across all of our customer communications channels?

Janna Contact Enterprise makes contact management a breeze.

Consumer Interaction Award: Game, Set and Netmatch

The Mather Companies' automated quotation system, Netmatch, increases customer satisfaction-and company revenues.

Supreme Datastream

With Onyx Front Office, Datastream Systems gives customers what they want-superior service.