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Two High-Tech Companies Practice What They Preach

When it comes to utilizing technologies to better serve customers, do high-tech companies practice what they preach? Two companies--National Semiconductor and iTouch Communications--are harnessing high-tech tools via the Web to provide customers with more timely information, help salespeople close sales, consolidate and assist distributed customer support staff and train partners.

High-tech Companies Practice What They Preach

Many companies, themselves on the cutting edge, are looking for the newest, most productive ways to improve their relationships with customers. They are finding them in solutions that automate relationships via the Web.

The FTC Takes a Cautious Look at E-Markets

A summary of the June 2000 meeting of the Federal Trade Commission, during which issues related to B2B e-commerce were tackled.

B2B Logistics: The Mechanisms That Make It All Work

e-Commerce is reviving the Asian trading company tradition to facilitate online transactions

Opportunities in Complexity

A Q&A with Venture Capitalist Bruce Golden about the investment culture surrounding trading exchanges that deal in complex products.

An Intelligent Investment

Q&A with Venture Capitalist Neil Weintraut on investing in business intelligence.

Collaborative Efforts Add Value to Supply Chains

Q&A with venture capitalist Bob Todd about investing in online supply chains.

XML: Constructing a Business Web

XML offers a flexible framework through which businesses can interact despite inconsistencies of IT platforms, applications and data formats.

IBM Virtual Conferencing

By holding a worldwide virtual conference over the Web, IBM's Public Sector Division saved the company three-quarters of what a physical conference would cost while reaching a wider audience and creating long-term resources for learning.

Better Integration Will Bring Holiday Cheer to e-Tailers

Q&A with venture capitalist Jim Gauer, a general partner in Palomar Ventures, about systems integration and its impact on e-tailers.

Are You Ready for Holiday 2000?

The 2000 Holiday season will likely be the highest grossing season of Internet retail sales ever. Retailers are learning from past mistakes in planning for customer service, supply chain strategies, and distribution processes.