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A Reality Check for the Call Center

Even now, most customers are used to receiving their customer service over the phone. New business processes and technologies can help streamline their access to needed information.

Reinventing Document Management for Modern Business

Document management tools were originally designed to deal with static documents that emulated their paper counterparts. But as content delivery becomes increasingly dynamic and collaborative, document management must change as well.

Welcome to the e-Service Revolution

KMM's consulting editor explains why the arrival of e-services could drastically change the way we look at e-commerce.

Mobile Access to the Heart of an Enterprise

Enterprises are looking to RIM's BlackBerry wireless handhelds to give mobile workers a real-time link to applications and keep data up to date.

Letting Go: The Fear of Collaboration

Can you envision a scarier picture than people sharing corporate secrets as freely as they download MP3 files from Napster? But it doesn't have to be this way. Peer-to-peer computing, technology-based interaction that completely eliminates the company as player, can be a powerful medium to promote the kind of ad hoc collaboration that can yield better business information delivered faster.

Mobile CRM Takes Off

Once limited to simple contact managers, mobile platforms are growing to support true enterprise applications.

BizTalk Makes Online Integration a Reality

Microsoft's BizTalk integrates application architectures from the outside in

CRM Goes Mobile

With new technology, businesses are finding they can make their critical business applications available to their mobile workers while they are still with the customer.

WebObjects Leads the Way for Application Servers

WebObjects sits between a Web server and the back-end database, integrating disparate data into a unified user interface that is sent to the Web server.

Workgroups Meet on the Web

Designed to run on the Web rather than adapted from an existing groupware or project management application, Thoughtstar's QuickTeam provides a virtual collaboration space that employees, customers and suppliers can access from any Internet connection.

Is it Time to Jump on the ASP Bandwagon?

An increasing number of enterprises are relying on Application Service Providers to host their mission-critical CRM solutions.

ASP and Ye Shall Receive

Hosted software is one of the hottest trends in IT, and CRM is the leading application.